Cider and Donuts

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Cider (made on-site with all Michigan apples)

Goodison Cider

$10.00 per gallon

$6.00 per half-gallon

$4.00 per quart

We also sell cider by the cup – hot, cold, and slushy – various sizes available


Donuts (made everyday with love)

A pile of donuts

Goodison Donuts

$10.00 per dozen

$6.00 half-dozen

$1.00 each

Breads (we sell out almost daily, orders recommended)

Pistachio Nut Bread Bagged

Pistachio Nut Bread

World Famous Pistachio Nut Bread

$10.00 per Loaf

New Pumpkin Nut Bread

$10.00 per Loaf

Pies (varies daily, orders recommended)

Fresh Baked Apple Pie

Apple, Cherry, and Strawberry Rhubarb


Pumpkin Pie